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Global HyPT Center

Large-scale hydrogen production with net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases is essential to meet the Paris Agreement’s climate targets and limit global warming to 2˚C. Net-zero hydrogen facilitates decarbonization of many traditional energy-intensive and hard-to-abate industries such as ammonia, steel, cement, aluminum, and transportation. It also enables new industries in storage of solar and wind power as well as carbon conversion and utilization for synthetic fuels, polymers, and plastics. However, net-zero hydrogen is currently several times more expensive than hydrogen produced from fossil fuels, which hinders its wide adoption.

The Global Hydrogen Production Technologies (HyPT) Center establishes an international partnership of six countries – US, Australia, Canada, UK, Egypt, and Germany – to formulate a pathway to low-cost large-scale net-zero hydrogen production, with funding from US, Australia, Canada, and UK. Researchers with diverse expertise from many institutions in different countries interweave under the Center to work synergistically with the common goal of achieving US$1/kg and gigatons/year net-zero hydrogen production.

The Global HyPT Center is led by Arizona State University (US), University of Adelaide (Australia), University of Toronto (Canada), and Cranfield University (UK). They serve as the national leads under the Center. The other founding members of the Center include:

  • US: University of Michigan, Stanford University, Navajo Technical University
  • Australia: Flinders University, Curtin University
  • Canada: University of Quebec in Montreal, University of Calgary, McGill University, University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières, University of British Columbia
  • UK: Imperial College London, Newcastle University, University of Cambridge, University of Birmingham
  • Egypt: Egypt-Japan University of Science & Technology
  • Germany: German Aerospace Center

Thanks to our funding agencies: NSF (US), CSIRO (Australia), NSERC (Canada), and UKRI (UK)

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