Mohamed Mamlouk

Mohamed Mamlouk is Professor of Electrochemical Engineering at Newcastle University with 20+ years of experience in modelling, fabrication, optimization, and diagnostics of electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices. With background in applied chemistry and electrochemical engineering , Mohamed works across science and engineering disciplines. He currently leads several projects on hydrogen production and batteries: sustainable recycling of electric vehicle batteries; a data-driven optimal decision-making toolkit for lithium-ion battery recovery and recycling: Global Hydrogen Production Technologies Center; conversion of ocean renewable energy to carbon free fuels, and anion exchange membrane electrolysis from low-grade water sources. Previous projects include lithium-ion battery degradation and earth-abundant metal air batteries. Research expertise include use of mathematical modelling to improve electrochemical reactors design and performance, and development of diagnostic tools and materials to improve the sustainability, performance, and stability of electrochemical devices including polymeric and inorganic electrolytes and earth-abundant metal/oxide catalysts.