Next Biannual Center Meeting July 3, 2024

The HyPT Executive Committee invites all Center members and the public to join us for our first online meeting to hear the latest updates from each thrust area: policy, water, electrolysis, pyrolysis, and photocatalysis. Both Center-affiliated researchers and the public are welcome to attend. It is free to everyone.

If you are not currently affiliated with the Center, please register at:
Once registered, you will receive the Zoom link through email.

Wed 3 July 2024

  • Adelaide 22:30
  • Cairo 16:00
  • Berlin 15:00
  • London 14:00
  • Montreal 09:00
  • Chicago 08:00
  • Calgary 07:00
  • Phoenix 06:00

5 minsChair: Welcome and introductionsProf. Greg Metha University of Adelaide
30 minsPolicy: Presentation of Briefing Paper and discussionProf. Nazmiye OzkanUniversity of Cranfield 
15 minsWater: Update from Thrust LeaderProf. Francois PerraultUniversity of Quebec at Montreal
15 minsElectrolysis: Update from Thrust LeaderProf. Viola BirssUniversity of CalgaryProf. Mike RanjramArizona State University
10 minsPyrolysis: Update from Thrust Leader Prof. Murray ThompsonUniversity of Toronto
10 minsPhotocatalysis: Update from Thrust Leader Prof. Greg MethaUniversity of Adelaide
5 minsChair: Closing remarksProf. Greg MethaUniversity of Adelaide
90 minsEnd meeting