The Global HyPT Center advances three major net-zero hydrogen production technologies with strong potential to deliver breakthroughs:

(i)          Water electrolysis including renewable energy integration and emerging electrolyzers;
(ii)         Methane pyrolysis with solid carbon as value-added co-products; and
(iii)        Photocatalytic solar water splitting.

The Center will also tackle two major cross-cutting challenges for net-zero hydrogen:

(i)          Policies, economics, and markets for building a global hydrogen economy; and
(ii)         Water resource and treatment for electrolysis and photocatalysis.

The chart below illustrates the organizational structures of the Center with its five major thrust areas and their interplay, including founding members of the Center and their assignments.

Organizational chart listing the members of the executive committee and advisory board.

Executive Committee

The Center is led by the Executive Committee consisting of the national directors of the four funding countries:

Meng Tao

Prof. Meng Tao
Arizona State University

Prof. Gregory F. Metha
University of Adelaide    
Australian Director

Prof. Murray Thomson 
University of Toronto
Canadian Director

Prof. Nazmiye Ozkan
Cranfield University
UK Director

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board includes various stakeholders, different industries, government and inter-government agencies, other government-funded hydrogen centers, and indigenous peoples. Current members of the Advisory Board include:

Navajo Technical University

Nel Hydrogen


Salt River Project


Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization